User benefits:

  • One touch of a button and you get a fresh aromatic drink
  • You save time
  • Nothing to prepare by yourself
  • You will not be afflicted by coffee spilled on a stove
  • No search for a distributor
  • You do not even need to look for a coffee shop or bistro nearby during a short break
  • You always have fresh coffee on hand

Benefits for managers:

  • Your employees are always cheerful and functional
  • Your customers can always use a cup of coffee to their liking
  • You do not have to look for coffee beans or ground coffee to have a welcoming place for your visitors and employees.
  • You do not have to spend extra money for ingredients
  • Your employees do not need to run during their break in search of the nearest cafe to buy an invigorating drink
  • Nobody looks sadly at you, when the coffee is finished.
  • Employees do not clutter the workspace with their kettles
  • You have one less concern